Electronic shifting. Now within your reach.

Built for mountain bikers first, the D1x from Archer Components sets a new standard for wireless electronic shifting. Engineered to perform under any condition, on any drivetrain, with unmatched shift speed, the D1x is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

  • For every drivetrain

    It’s vendor agnostic so you can avoid getting locked in.

    Less is more. The D1x does away with unnecessary hardware.
  • For pure performance

    Precision is built in. Just set it and forget it.
wireless shifter for mountain bikes

Get off the expensive upgrade path. Rid yourself of poor shift quality. Say 'see you later' to your bike mechanic. Get the electronic wireless shifter that works precisely on any drivetrain.

The Details

  • Manufacturer agnostic - mix and match to your heart's content
  • Trail tested design works great wherever you ride
  • Low profile and light weight
  • Simple mobile app-based setup
  • Fast and smooth shifting - 50% faster than mechanical
  • 100% repeatable shift points means you're in gear every time

Hitting the trails Fall 2017. Be the first to know.


For the love.

For the open trails. For pushing the boundaries. For every mountain bike. For every rider. For the love of it all.

That’s why we’re here.

Archer is founded by engineers, mathematicians, inventors, and entrepreneurs who live and ride on the central coast of California. We’ve taken our passions for mountain biking and problem-solving, and turned them into a company that will shift your expectations in ways you never imagined.