Electronic shifting for any 1x drivetrain.

Built for mountain bikes, the D1x sets a new standard for wireless shifting.
Engineered to perform under any condition, on any drivetrain, with unmatched speed. The D1x is exactly what you’ve been waiting for.

  • For every drivetrain

    Vendor agnostic so you can
    shift everything.

    Less is more. Clean cockpit,
    no internal routing.
  • For pure performance

    Precision is built in.
    Set it and forget it.

Electronic shifting for any MTB 1x drivetrain! Quick, smooth, and always in tune.

The Details

  • Drivetrain agnostic - the D1x will shift everything!
  • Up to 50+ hours runtime
  • Trail-tested and durable for wherever you ride
  • SRAM MatchMaker® compatible
  • Low profile and light weight (235g)
  • Simple app-based setup
  • Fast and smooth shifting
  • Designed, built and tested in Santa Cruz, California

Just $389


"D1x (lets) you get the cables (mostly) off the bike and fine tune your shifting"

"The magic of D1x is that its user programs each shift individually using a smart phone, so D1x can be adapted to any combination of derailleur or cassette"

"Archer Components D1x brings wireless electric shifting to all mountain bikes"