Shift your style with electronic shifting

From time to time customers will ask if they’re going to have to change how they ride when they use the D1x. The short answer is yes, but the long answer is a little more interesting.

Technology Changes Riding

Every bit of technology on to your mountain bike will change your riding style. Add a dropper post and you no longer have to adjust your seat. Remember when you went from v-brakes to disc brakes and had to reconsider how you enter that turn on your favorite trail. Mortgage your house and buy a deluxe rig outfitted with the Fox Live suspension system and your style will change without a doubt.

Anyone who’s been riding bikes long enough to have owned 2 distinct vintages can think back on the older technology and see how your riding style has changes. You better believe I ride my Bronson differently than any of my previous bikes.

Electronic Shifting is Better

Electronic shifting is much easier to do than mechanical shifting. It takes about 7 newtons of force to actuate one of the remote buttons on the D1x. Compare that to the force required to push an XX1 shifter to climb your cassette. What this means is that after a couple rides, you’ll notice that you’re shifting a lot more often on the D1x. Flicking a shift button on the D1x is effortless and quick. You’ll be in the right gear at the right time with less need to “dump” gears all at once.

And with Quick Shift enabled on the D1x, you can climb up to 5 gears with a single push of a button. Yep, one press of the button and you’ll get almost halfway through your 12-speed cassette.

So yeah, your riding style may change a little, but we’d argue that it’s a change in the right direction.