Electronic Shifting – A Use Case

JRA. You know, just riding along, and WHAM! out of nowhere an afternoon ride changed course in a matter of seconds. A stick found its way up into my nether-regions and this happened:

pretty sure it’s not supposed to bend that way

The Santa Cruz Bronson derailleur hanger snapped off (like it is supposed to) and the cage on the Box One took a nasty tweak. I’m stoked to see the Box One derailleur come out of this without any major structural damage but the cage was definitely off-axis.

During my walk home through the woods I thought about how many times this happens to folks every day. But now it’s 2019 and given the options available there are a few ways that the repair job could go.

Case 1: AXS

Let’s say that was a SRAM AXS derailleur and not the Box One. You know, one of the rainbow fancy ones that have a magical break-away device that saves the electronics and motor from damage in the case of impact. No amount of break-away magic could have saved this thing.

  1. Go to my local shop and try to buy a new AXS rear derailleur a-la-carte.
  2. Get denied
  3. Cry a little

Even if you could just buy the AXS RD it would likely cost $850. People talk about how, “you know, the price will come down eventually” but the sticks don’t care, people! They’re out there waiting to smash all the mechs!

Case 2: Mechanical Shifter

Like 99% of riders out there, if I was riding on a mechanical shifter, say the Box One or SRAM GX 11-speed the repair would have gone a little like this.

  1. Get a new hanger
  2. Try your best to straighten the derailleur cage
  3. Hope like hell you could barrel adjust your way to 3 working gears

Case 3: D1x Trail

You knew where this was going, right? Yep, electro-mechanical shifting to the rescue! Here’s how my day went.

  1. Grab a new hanger
  2. Straighten the Box One cage with a vice and get it kinda-straight-ish.
  3. Re-index my shift points using the Archer app

So in about a half hour I’m all fixed up and ready for a ride tomorrow morning and not waiting for a box from Jenson. Hope I don’t meet any more sticks out in the forest.