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General Inquiries

Let’s say you’re a youtuber or instagrammer and want to make a video for your followers. Or maybe you’re a hot new U16 rider that’s shredding it harder than everyone else.

We get it, you’ve got to find something new and interesting to show off. We’re new and we’re marginally interesting.

But we’ve kinda seen this a few times now and so your job is to make a compelling pitch. We want to know why your channel or IG repost machine is so much specialer than everyone else. Why is your race schedule the absolute best place to showcase our products? What are you going to do with our products that’s so damn cool that we’re dying to give you one of these things?

They’re not free, so make it worth it for us.

Email with your best damn pitch. It’ll be worth it. Just make sure you check your spelling!